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The Community section is a growing collection of international street art, from stickers to stencils. Flaunt your city's dirty, subversive side by submitting pictures of non-commercial art.
He might not even remember, but back in June of this year I received an email from Ludo saying that he was living in Paris and working on a project titled: Nature's Revenge. He went on to explain it in this very deep and poetic way, but the gist of it is he composites plants with everyday human aggressions and pollutions, like guns and CCTV cameras. The results are impactful visuals that he then wheatpastes through-out our environment.
I just finished uploading the 600th photo to our pool of street art images from around the world. And it is fitting that this recent update comes with a funny intervention piece from the streets of Birmingham. I received the photo from one of our readers, who said:

"Yes it's in Birmingham and it lasted only 10 minutes, I passed a first time in front of Bullring, there was nothing, and when I came out, the bull had a new shape ;-D, and people were enjoying, looking in surprise, and trying to guess who around could have made it, until a little boy, kicked away the bull-shit and removed the stuff hysterically, which was quite symbolic by the way" -photo submitted by Iktômi
This past Saturday, the street art scene lost a friend, artist and inspiration as Chicago-great Brendan "SOLVE" Scanlon was found dead of a stab wound to the heart. Fellow artist saro, started a group on flickr as a memorial to him. Join to share photos of his work and memories of him.

photo credit: that's you!?
Few artists know how to apply their work to the streets like Specter. He doesn't just glue something on a wall, many times he physically changes our landscape in a three-dimensional way and much of it all in fun. One of my favorite is the wooden bridge (below), but others include his brickwork project, cardboard and necklace. Pay respect.
Our community section of street art from around the world has just gone over five-hundred photographs. Thanks to submissions from our readers, cities like Madrid, Dublin, Brooklyn, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Istanbul, Sao Paolo and Miami get major updates. With a triumph upload from Bei of seven pics from Beijing, China. Enjoy and please do keep them coming.

Back in the USA… There is only one street artist who is doing anything remotely original today and that is Brad Downey. I am giving him all the press he deserves with a feature in 100proofTRUTH Issue 4 and a double sized spread in my Modart Magazine column 'Word From King Adz'. Brad is not only a true original, he is also one of the nicest, most genuine blokes I've had the honour of getting down with. He's got a great book out 'The Adventures of Darius and Downey' published by Thames & Hudson. Here are some links to his work: link one, link two, link three
One of the people who I've been in contact with most in the last year is Iranian street art legend, A1one. We hooked up after he watched my Blek Le Rat film back inna day… He is a big fan of Blek and stencil art. But over the last year he has started to develop a mixture of street and Iranian folk art, into a fucking great look… Street art constantly need to reinvent itself, to reinvigorate itself otherwise it might stagnate or disappear up its own arse… visit: A1one's flickr and The Tehran Walls Blog
Dr. Radio from Germany sends us an envelope of stickies to post around town.
The next time you come upon a motionless body on a street corner... you better think twice before giving it money or better yet calling the police. If you are lucky enough, you've just discovered a mystifying street installation by Mark Jenkins. His work deserves a look and the videos warrant an eye as well.
There are no words to describe this link but to say click here and scroll to the right.
Albus Cavus, the art collective out of New Jersey is showcasing a collection of films about artists who transform streets into galleries and change established ideas about art in public space. The festival will feature some of the well-known, like Above, JR, Craig Noble, Chor Boogie and highlight a few up and commers as well. Click for more info.
Over the last three months street art pics have been consistently rolling in. Recently updated cities include: Plymouth, Phoenix, New York, San Jose, Jerusalem, Lille, Leicester, Lancaster, Manchester, Mexico, Minneapolis and Raleigh. Two photos stand out from the bunch under London and Asuncion. Take a peek and keep your eyes open and camera ready the next time you stroll the city block.
Peter K and friends reclaim an old bike path along the river in New Brunswick and collaborate with 150 artists to paint the wall that runs along it. The photos are a must see »
This morning I was delighted to find an envelope stuffed with stickers of the always fun, cheerful and colorful cartoon characters of DAVe Warnke. For years now DAVe's sticker art has been bringing fun and inspiration to the streets of San Francisco and he's recently started an after-school arts workshop for high school students called Street Styles. Click to learn more or see what DAVe has been up to lately.

If you'd like to participate in our fun installment of: What's in our mailbox... just ask for our address.
I finally got to updating the community section and its shaping up to be a great archive of street art from our favorite cities. New and updated Philadelphia and Santiago are a must see, plus pics from my recent trip to Tel Aviv. 407 photos and I'm not done updating... there are still about 20-30 photos in my inbox waiting to get posted. On your walk home, look around you, snap a photo and send it in.
King Adz does it again with his latest release; 100proofTRUTH, a beautiful and well put together 72-page "urban culture" PDF with links to online audio and video content. Download your own copy today... the last piece by Alexis Manning on advertising agencies is a must-read.
One of the most impressive art shows to ever come together took place this weekend on 11 Spring Street in Lower Manhattan. Wooster Collective brought together hundreds of street and graffiti artists to deck the halls, walls, outside and inside of a building (soon to be demolished) and open it for the viewing pleasure of all. Read all about it at or click here to see an amazing collection of photos from the event.

* photo by Jake Dobkin of
During the month of December the city of Miami transforms into a Mecca of Art and Design. For the last 37 years, Art Basel (Switzerland) owns the title of the world’s premier modern and contemporary art fair and in December, Art Basel happens in Miami.

Most of us at are based in and around Miami, so we are in prime contact with everything from the art show to the crossover events in music, film, architecture and design. But the best part of Art Basel in Miami, is trying to catch the efforts of unknown artists that come from all over the world looking for a little awareness.

There are some well marketed events out there, but for those of you looking for a taste of some street, be sure to check out: “SKYWALKERS’ by Friends With You – a blimp parade featuring the works of David Choe, Ara Peterson, Misaki Kawai, PaperRad, Devil Robots and Mumble Boy, in conjunction attend the Final Art Show and Auction (Thursday, December 7, The Savoy Hotel) with works by Andre from Paris, Gary Baseman, Blaine Fontana, Mr. Cartoon, Crash, Daim, Dalek, Dr. Revolt, Joshua Mays, Keen One, Mad, Mike Giant, Misaki Kawai, Ron English, Rostarr, Sage Vaughn, Seak, Sever, and WeAreSupervision, there’s also Jose Parla’s Cityscapes show and an always entertaining event is the Art Loves Design street party at the Miami Design District (25,000 people on the street with 50 exhibitions -- expect plenty of anti-Art Basel fun too).

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Over the last few weeks we've run into a few compelling videos of street artists in action. Here are two that deserve multiple viewings: Timelapse of Japanese Street Artists and Barcelona Street Graffiti, but the most radical thing to reach the street of late is wildlife created by Karolina Sobecka -- an amazing effort and execution. Consume.
In less than four months our collection of street art photos has climbed to 330 pics (54 new). Cities to note: Athens, Bethlehem, Montreal and Rome. Keep shooting the mayhem and send us your favorites.
I've just uploaded 31 new photos to our community collection of street art. New cities Katowice and Oakham make an appearance and Leicester shows an impressive collection with six new pics. Special thanks to Lord Leigh of for 17 of the 31 submissions.
King Adz of puts together a beautiful 26 minute video doc on street artist Blek Le Rat. Watch a teaser to the movie as it introduces Blek's birth on the streets of Paris in 1981. Le Rat is one of the more pivotal stencil artists of our time -- browse through our community section to find dozens of artists influenced by his work (most famously Banksy).
We mentioned it almost twelve months ago and now we are hyping it up again as the "Peel Here" sticker exhibition is back in business: Saturday, December 3rd, Los Angeles. Click for more info (note: 6 days to submission deadline).
Street artist Hop Louie uploads six photos of his work from Stockholm to Senegal -- both the paste-ups and photos are beautiful. Blá McElroy gives us a peak at the public walls of Dublin and Gerhard turns in three pics from hometown Amsterdam. Other new pics to note under cities San Juan and London.
Manchester is still at top with 19 photos. Seven of which are new and uploaded by someone at Lord BreaKfast of uploads six photos under Leicester -- which I admit are some of my favorite pics of late.
I've just updated the community section with one of my favorite photos yet; the tree pic under Mexico City. Plus new cities Brighton, Florissant and Santiago are added to the list.
Before I get into the March link dump I would like to welcome new cities Salt Lake City, San Salvador and Tacoma to our community section of street art pics.

And now for the noteworthy links: start off with Sara's resourceful blog on life and art; then if you happen to be in or around the Greek Isles be sure to celebrate Athen's first Video-Art Festival; next we've got a pair of illustrators named eugene and louise who we would love to collaborate with one day; and finally our last link of today comes from Peter McClelland, who is the man behind hlvtca a sexy, sexy site (Peter also happens to be the contributor to the lovely Tacoma pics).

Now go, go, go get inspired.
Streets 2k5 is a unique festival that will bring together street art from international artists to the blocks of New Brunswick, New Jersey. Spread the word or submit your work. Call for entries ends March 15th.
Spend hours not minutes viewing the you and i productions online exhibition and the lovely mailorder. For you stencil maniacs visit m-city.
If you're in New York and need something to do besides dropping fifteen bucks on a lame hollywood movie, then visit the Halcyon Shop -- they're hosting an art show for tsunami relief with over fifty artists and all artwork under $100.

For those of you on the opposite coast, Kelly Lynn of Little Paper Planes is having an art show in San Diego. If you can't make the show, visit her online shop of delicious hand-made items.
I was on hiatus the last few days as the flu took it's toll on me. During my absence I collected a few links to share with you: the illustration and typography of Melina Rodrigo, how to become a social pest and the infamous metal pig show.

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