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Sunrise, Florida USA (Langerado Festival 2006): Name Unknown
Sunrise, Florida USA (Langerado Festival 2006): Name Unknown
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida USA (Las Olas Blvd): Name Withheld
Miami Beach, Florida USA (Lincoln Road): Name Withheld
Miami, Florida USA: Jocelyn
Tallahassee, Florida USA (campus fair): Name Unknown
Miami, Florida USA: Name Withheld
« Media Puppet T-Shirt / The media is a puppet in the hands of the corporations who own them, and hence own truth. Through this puppeteering or manipulation, the media agencies blatantly endorse specific thoughts, advertisements, and products instead of reporting unbiased news.

The marionette figure, with hands raised and knee bent, is engaged in the dance the media does around its parent corporations and sponsors. With microphone in hand and Press pass ready to flash, the satirical figure is more circus than serious.

The corporations pull strings. The media plays upon our heartstrings. We are being strung along, and entangled, by both.
BUY / $20 (us dollars)

Black, gray, white and pale ink on green. Sweatshop-free t-shirt available in S, M, L and XL. T-Shirt art by Jeff.

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