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« Action! is about piracy, subversion, guerilla activism, parody, and liberation. It’s our collection of do-it-yourself tactics. Use one of our ideas or share your own. This is the core of the matter.
Today in our mail we received This Is (not) A Magazine's compendium number five "Who I think I Am". It is a book of over 225 pages of beautiful, sick, deliciously manic art. Besides the tons of illustrations and photos, the book has an infinite amount of print details like various paper stock, numerous die-cuts, an amazing fold-out and a handful of stickers.

We are especially excited because it features our sticker/jam Confessions of a Generic Magazine. Click here to learn more about our featured sticker or get your own copy of the book.
I'd like to think it was our gas-station sticker campaign that brought this on, in any case, its for the good and the people have spoken. H2 sales down 27% this year and it seems as though GM is taking the hint and ending production. Cheers.
Over the last few weeks we've run into a few compelling videos of street artists in action. Here are two that deserve multiple viewings: Timelapse of Japanese Street Artists and Barcelona Street Graffiti, but the most radical thing to reach the street of late is wildlife created by Karolina Sobecka -- an amazing effort and execution. Consume.
Special thanks to fellow reader b370! who took the time to translate our "Confessions of a Generic Magazine" into spanish. For our latin lovers out there, click here to download the artwork.
Some cable companies are trying to shape the future of the internet by giving some website content preferred status on their network and banishing other stuff altogether. Watch a video by as they tackle the issue and help push the fight to keep the net neutral.
Our little stunt to boycott AOL a few years back was easy and fun, but has nothing on the ridiculous recording Vincent Ferrari taped while trying to cancel his AOL account. This story is getting some well deserved national attention -- listen to the recording to hear more on AOL's manic efforts to keep customers or watch our fun little do-it-yourself action.
Derek and Heather wrote us the other day to let us know of their collaboration with photographer Zach Wolfe as they traversed the city bombing stickers and "...shot well over 9,000+ hi-res photos, spliced em up - and spit out this sixty second preview of the results... no video cameras here, all individual shots." Check out the video »
Stay Free! puts out a drug parody that is right on target: "Panexa is proven to provide more medication to those who take it than any other comparable solution." Read it for the laughs but realize it's not that far from the truth. Nice work SF!
I'm a sucker for action that's kept undisclosed only to reveal itself weeks, months or even years later to the unsuspecting audience. Secret Wall Tattoos does just that. The site is a collection of photos from motels across the country with hidden little secrets behind the room's paintings and mirrors or underneath the chairs and beds. I'm obsessed and now scour every hotel room I come across in the hopes of finding one. I'd love a photo if you've done one yourself or happen to stumble upon it.
Not sure what came first our shopping cart jam or theirs, but I’d have to say it’s one of the easiest actions to pull off. We said, "Boycott AOL” they say “Buy Nothing” -- have you seen any other messages on shopping carts? Post ‘em here.
We've finally posted the entire set of photos from the starbucks invasion we pulled off a few years back. And in related news, provides a means to preserve the local and independent coffee shops in your area. Just type in your zip code and drink up!
The Society for HandHeld Hushing delivers a clever fight against the obnoxious cell phone user. I could have used one of their cards yesterday.
The way all jams should be: cheap, subtle and with an obvious goal in mind: Postal Labels Against Bush brought to you by, Evan Roth (a.k.a ni9e).

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